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Meet the all-in-one tool for the independent presenter in you. No matter what you have to say, let our Pivo Pod One make it easier than ever to create, capture, and share.
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A new way to keep your tripod steady.

Pivo Tripod Weight is an easy and convenient way to stabilize your tripod so you can capture videos with less shake.

Stable tripod.
Smoother footage.

Adding weight to your tripod increases stability and reduces shake when creating content. Pivo Tripod Weight makes it quick and stress-free.

Quick and easy to adjust.

Changing the weight couldn't be simpler — just change the amount of water in the bottles.

No more mess.

Say goodbye to annoying sand and pebbles. Water bottles are so much cleaner and easier.

Strong and reliable.

The wrap-around fastener is made from durable, flexible Polypropylene webbing. Strong enough to hold heavy weight.

How to use

Wrap on. Clip in. Create.

Pivo Tripod Weight couldn't be easier to use: Wrap around the fastener. Clip in some water bottles. Capture content without the shake.

Strong Polypropylene


2.65 oz/75 g

super lightweight

6 kg maximum


3 easy-to-use

water bottle clips