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Pivo Pod

Pivo Pod

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  • 360° Auto Tracking — add motion to videos and stay in frame.

  • Faster rotation — capture every move with 2X speed.

  • Fun Create Modes — make playful content with a few taps.

  • Compact & lightweight — designed for creators on the go.

  • App-controlled — create, edit, and share easily.

Color: Silver

1-year free Premium Tracking included

When purchasing a Pivo Pod, customers will receive a 1-year subscription of Premium Tracking for free. Premium tracking includes Animal Tracking (horse and dog [beta]). After 1 year, users will have to manually renew their subscription for $29.99/yr.

Order will ship within 1 business day

30 days return policy

Compatible with any tripod

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Silver | Pivo Pod
$99.99 USD

Your personal camera crew.

Pivo Pod is an auto-tracking smartphone mount that follows you around and keeps you in frame. With powerful app-driven motion tracking, faster 360° panning, and easy-to-learn editing modes, Pivo Pod is your new content creation powerhouse.


Always stay in frame.

Pivo tracks your movement to always keep you in the shot. Switch seamlessly between Face Tracking and Body Tracking to create videos that are more dynamic and engaging.

Track your performance, improve your riding.

With intelligent Horse Tracking* and faster 360° rotation, Pivo Pod ensures you're always in frame, tracking every pace and movement so you can record your whole routine in all its glory.

Keep your filming on track.

Need to record yourself while you work? Want to capture in a crowded place, or get more people in the shot? With Lock-On Tracking, Pivo will track you or a specified target no matter what else is happening in the scene.

Get the perfect take, hands-free.

Auto Zoom adjusts the framing for a smooth, seamless shot. Whether you move up close or further away, Pivo Pod knows how to get the perfect take.


Tap into your creative side.

Create playful, engaging content without any editing expertise. Epic edits are only a few clicks away.

Many Me

Motion Timelapse

Magic Edge

Auto Pan

What’s in the Box?

Pod + Accessories Bundle
pod lite image
Pivo Pod Lite
$55.99 USD
pod image
Pivo Pod
$99.99 USD
Best for
Best for Gen-Z, Dancers,
Social Media
Best for Solo Creators, Athletes,
Vloggers, Equestrians
Speed Basic Speed Setup
(8 sec. max. rotation speed, 3 speeds)
Speed Fastest Speed Setup
(4 sec. max. rotation speed, 6 speeds)
Auto Tracking
Auto Tracking Standard
(Body, Face)
Auto Tracking Premium*
(Face, Body, Horse, Dog)
Remote control
Remote control
Not Included
Remote control
$29.99 retail value.
Battery Life
Battery Life Approx. 6 Hours
Battery Life Approx. 6 Hours
Specs H: 73.66 mm / 2.9 in
W: 63.5 mm / 2.5 in
161 g / 5.7 oz
Specs H: 73.66 mm / 2.9 in
W: 63.5 mm / 2.5 in
196 g / 6.9 oz
Software Pivo+, Pivo Play, Pivo Cast
Software Pivo+, Pivo Play, Pivo Cast

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I track with Pivo Pod?

Pivo Pod's Auto Tracking features consist of 2 categories:
- Smart Tracking: Face, Body, & Horse Tracking powered by AI
- Action Tracking: Allows you to track anything by just drawing a box on the screen to select your target

What's the difference between Pivo Pod and Pivo Pod Lite?

Pivo Pod (Previously named as Pivo Pod Active) and Pivo Pod Lite have similar hardware design except for a few parts. The Pod Lite comes in 7 different color options, while the Pivo Pod has a built in Bubble Level Indicator and Stabilizer Feet. Both Pods have Body Tracking and Face Tracking features. However, the Pivo Pod is 2x faster and has the Premium Tracking feature for Animal Tracking, which includes Horse Tracking and Dog Tracking (beta) and is available for 1-Year subscription.

What will I get if I buy Pivo Pod?

The Pivo Pod includes Pod, Remote Control, charging cable, and the manual. It also comes bundled with 3 Apps: Pivo+, Pivo Play, Pivo Cast.

What phones are supported by Pivo Pod?

Pivo's apps are compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones which meet the minimum configuration requirements. iPhone 8 or above with iOS 13.0 or higher. Premium Android phones from 2017 and later with Android version 9.0 and higher. See details

Does the Pivo Pod rotate 360 degrees?

Yes, the Pivo Pod can rotate 360°.

Can the Pivo Pod track other animals?

Yes, it has Premium Tracking which includes Horse Tracking and Dog Tracking Beta which you can use for free for 1 year.

Can I use Pivo Pod with any tripod?

Yes, the Pivo Pod can be mounted on any tripod that has the standard 1/4' screw.

Can I use Pivo Pod without a tripod?

Yes absolutely! You can place the Pivo Pod on any flat surface and use the extendable feet for even more stability.

How long does the Pivo Pod battery last?

A fully charged Pivo Pod can provide 2-3 hours of usage, but this may vary depending on the features and settings being used.

Can I use the Pivo Pod with other apps?

Yes, you can use Face Tracking with any other apps on your phone using our Pivo Cast app. The Connect feature will let you open any app that has a fullscreen camera view and Pivo will then be able to track you using our AI-powered Face Tracking. See details

Do I need an app to use Pivo Pod?

Yes, to be able to access all of Pivo Pod ’s cool features, you’ll need to use Pivo’s apps which are available for both Android and iOS.

Can I use Pivo Pod with tablets?

The Pivo Pod, including its mounts and the app, were developed and optimized for use with smartphones and therefore isn't ideal for use with tablets and other camera types. Depending on the size and weight of the tablet, the Pivo Pod can become less stable and possibly fall over, potentially causing damage to the device and the Pod itself. The maximum payload of the Pod is 1 kg.

Can I use Pivo Pod with other cameras (e.g. DSLR, Sony action cam, etc.)?

With the Remote Control, the Pivo Pod can be used as a rotating neck for any camera under 2 lbs/1 kg with a 1/4' thread attachment screw.

Does Pivo Pod have a warranty?

Pivo provides a ONE (1) YEAR manufacturer’s warranty / TWO (2) YEARS for EU on Pivo-branded hardware products purchased from the Pivo Online Store for your own use and not for resale purposes.

What are my delivery options, and when will I get my items?

We offer both standard and express shipping worldwide. Once you place your order, it will take 1-2 business days to process, pack, and ship. You'll receive a shipment notification by email once your package has shipped.

Can I return my Pivo Pod?

Pivo will gladly accept the return or exchange of products in new condition within 30 calendar days of the delivery date, as long as the returned product meets our terms and conditions. See details

Who should I contact if I have questions about Pivo Pod?

For inquires about Pivo Pod , you can visit our Support Hub or contact our support team via

How does Pivo's tracking work?

Pivo's tracking works based on image recognition. It'll be great to use Pivo for individual practice. With lock-on feature, Pivo can track the selected object under group situations. See details

How to get started with Pivo Pod?

- Download Pivo+ App
- Open the App and create a Pivo account
- Pair your smartphone and start creating
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Customer Reviews

Based on 157 reviews
Scott Hurley
Just Getting Started

The Pivo+ arrived quickly and looks to be well made. I have only used it a couple of times in my You Tube videos, but am very pleased with the results. I am hoping this helps the quality of my videos. Thank's Pivo!!

Frederick Thompson
Love my Pivo

Please continue to work hard n Pivo X concept! It’s a 10!

Winnie Braxton

I purchsed as a gift for my daughter

Arlene Kennedy
5 star! Amazing technology

So far so good 👍 great technology.

Sandi Grieve
Excellent little gizmo

Using PIVO every day to assist my training. It’s easy to use, reliable, and gets great results. Don’t know how I managed without it.