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Pivo Influencer Edition

Pivo Influencer Edition


Auto Tracking

Fun Create Modes

Hands-free video calls

Auto Zoom

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A camera crew in the palm of your hand. With 360° rotation, intelligent Auto Tracking, and a suite of powerful apps, Pivo Pod Influencer is the world's best AI-powered tripod mount and a content creation powerhouse. There's only one question — what will you make?

Body and Face Tracking

Pivo Pod Influencer is made for the way you create. With powerful tracking software, it's like having your own videographer to keep you in shot wherever you go. Body Tracking detects the shape of your body and quickly reacts to your movements — great for dance videos, fashion vlogs, and presentations. Face Tracking keeps you centered in frame, making your content more engaging and video calls more natural.

Auto Zoom

Auto Zoom intelligently adjusts the shot to keep your video framing smooth and seamless. Whether you move up close or further away, Pivo Pod Influencer knows how to get the perfect take every time.

Pose Mode

Pose Mode is a easy, hands-free way to capture better photos of yourself. Just strike a pose, hold still, then Pivo Pod Influencer does the rest — it's like having your own photographer.

Connect Mode

Enhance your favorite apps with Connect Mode, you can link Pivo to other apps on your phone — so now Instagram and TikTok can have Auto Tracking too.

Fun Create Mode

Fun Create Modes are super easy to use and allow you to make playful, engaging content without any editing expertise. Epic edits are only a few clicks away.

Many Me

Motion Timelapse

Magic Edge